Welcome to our Air Guns wiki. Here we'll attempt to list and describe as many home made weapons based off of youtube videos and concepts as we can. Images and weapons are limited to Air Guns.

No firearms shall be listed here.

Basic rules apply to this wiki. Anyone can edit. But pages may need to be verified depending on the content.

Our Mission is to educate and advocate the greatness of our hobby of home made airguns as well as share knowledge and ideas.

Weapons A list of different types of airguns across various different categories including Spring-Piston and PCP's

Types of Magazines Loading mechanisms, both external and internal.

Power Sources Propulsion methods such as pressurised air or pistons.

Feed Systems How ammo gets from it's storage into the barrel, includes magazines, using gravity and and stacked-feed.

Weapon Designers and Developers All minor air gun inventors with atleast 2 decent weapons.

Tutorials From silencers and upgrading your home made air gun, to valves, projectiles and tips.

Frequently Asked Questions The pressing matters in home made air guns.

Notes Not sure what to build, how, where, when and what to use or what can be improved?