Heavy Machine Gun








4 x 1litre Pressure tanks or 1 x 3litre Fire Extinguisher or 2 x 2litre Fire Extinguishers


9mm/.357 Calibre BB's and pellets, multiple properties

Rate of Fire



Steel ring rear apperture with iron single front right-angle foresight.


Fully automatic, long-stroke rod, delayed breach

Feed System

20, 30, 40, 50 or 75-round upper-right PVC drums

The Heavy Machine Gun, 9mm (HMG9) is an Magazine-Fed, Roller-Delayed Contact Breech, PCP Heavy Machine Gun built by Hurricane Small Air Arms in 2015. Intended to be the air gun that "bridges the gap between fully automatic and semi automatic home made air guns", the HMG9 is a high-power "fun-purposed beast".

Development Edit

The HMG9 was developed by Hurricane in response to the large number of air machine guns that have excessive fire rates and low endurance. This is a common feat in amatuer air guns, having a tendency to output hundreds of pellets for only a few moments at the maximum. Hurricane Arms stated "The HMG was intended to consume less air per shot by using a reducer, and slow the fire rate down using an analogue rod system so to feel and look like the  American M60".

Features and Design Edit

Structure Edit

The HMG9 is largely a sturdy heavy platform, but simple. Like most of Hurricanes air guns.

The weapon is PVC where possible with a long PVC shroud protecting the barrel and action to where a drum gravity ammo box feeds off to the upper right. From here the air gun is mostly a 4x1-litre gunbox of high pressure cans and a press-valve trigger, attaining a similar appearance to the Browning M1919.

At the rear back, a digital or analogue gauge is usually fitted with a small iron ring that aligns to a frontal sight.

Operation Edit

From the gunbox reserves through the handled trigger, the high pressure air is narrowed into the chamber where a sole round of ammunition is seated. The pellet moves and as it reaches the muzzle, contacts an operating rod which moves forward with the projectile, and then up and away, allowing it to escape. In this time, the operating rod has opened the breach 40cm to the rear and allowed one more round down into the chamber. The cycle repeats as the spring returns the breach.


  • HRDMG9 ("Heavy Riot Defense" version with 3-litre extinguiser tank and 75-round "Emergency" drum).
  • HMG9 Devestator (Twin-Barrelled, Twin-magazine, synchronised trigger with a twin mini-extinguisher gunbox and dual-50-round drum magazine set.)

Firing Characteristics Edit


  • Power: High
  • Accuracy: Medium
  • Range: 25m
  • Effective Firing Range: 50m
  • Rate of Fire: Slow
  • Ammuntion: any 9mm projectile.