Machine Pistol






Very Light


500ml bottle


6mm/.240 Calibre bearings, multiple properties

Rate of Fire

Very High


Steel ring foresight.


Fully automatic, upper/lower brass impingement valve.

Feed System

3 in 1 chamber/magazine/powerplant, several hundred rounds.

MP6 (Machine Pistol 6mm) is an internally-fed, Bullpup, PCP Machine Gun built by Night Stalker Arms in 2015. The current weapon version is the Mk III still in testing.

Development Edit

The NSAMP6 is the precursor to a long series of PCP's made by Night Stalker Arms since 2012. Following various trends leading up to 2015 including home made airsoft light machine guns, assault rifles, two PCP sniper rifles and a series of atleast 6 submachine guns, the NSA6MP serves as the first Machine Pistol.

Features and Design Edit

Structure Edit

Predominantly, the NSA6MP's body is a 500ml reservoir with a wooden grip housing the trigger mechanism which runs up the body to the muzzle where it clasps the barrel.

Inside, the barrel telescopes inside another piece of brass to the centre-most inside part of the cylinder where the end is plugged by a diamond rubber stopper and the upper back-most part of the barrel is milled out to accept bb's at the pull of a trigger when the seal is broken.

Attached to the bottle cap is a threaded coupling for a suppressor. A basic ring and dot sight rests forward of the cylinder.

Operation Edit

The trigger mechanism is a direct-impingement design in which, by pulling the trigger and compressing two small compression springs, the brass trigger rod moves the barrel it's attached to, to the rear of an overlaying barrel. As the barrel moves rearward, it's end, which is sealed off, moves out of the overlaying barrel exposing the ammo port which is also the valve.

Air moves down the port sucking ball bearings into the barrel ejecting the ammo at high speeds.

An improvised hop-up provides some aerodynamics to the projectiles.


  • 6-MP Mk I (Firm but oddly shaped 400ml bottle, scrapped in April 2015)
  • 6-MP Mk II (Replaced bottle with a 600ml Pump(TM) water bottle, new grip, scrapped May 2015)
  • 6-MP Mk III (Downsized bottle to 500ml Black(TM) "BLK" water bottle)
  • 6-MP Mk IV (Proposed detachable magazine variant, delayed until finalisation of the Mk III)
  • 6-MP Mk V (Market-intended, details withheld by NSA at this stage).

Firing Characteristics Edit


  • Power: Moderate
  • Accuracy: Medium-Low
  • Effective Range: 20m
  • Rate of Fire: Very High
  • Ammuntion: Plastic Ball Bearings