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So in recent years I've taken to looking at air guns and their various firing mechanisms.

  1. You have AEG's (airsoft electric guns) which are basically out of the question in terms of home made projects. They use a battery-driven gear to move a piston. Lots of complex little parts and even if it works, you just have a really complex gun and not a lot of ballistics to show for it.
  2. Compressed air guns are where it's at, especially on this wiki. We can use anything to pressurise them and after a tank, you need no more than a barrel and a valve for a trigger.
  3. And coming it at 3, of course is the Spring-Piston. At this stage there's 2 types of these on this wiki and they're both from Yuri Ostr. Spring piston is great as you don't need any batteries or high pressure gases, it's all spring and plunger operated.

So in this topic we're gonna compare Springers to Pressure guns.

Pressure/PCP/HPA/Co^2 Edit

I really don't care what you call it, compressed air guns, whatever, they're great and they're proven, even in real warfare. These pressure guns are renowned for producing the leading speeds in air guns and have lately been chambered, commercially, in the likes of .357 and .45, hell there's even a .50 cal slug fired from the Dragons Claw. PCP takes the power trophy, but god damn it are they expensive to buy. Cheap to build and fun to play with, but they certainly aren't fun to pump, and because of this, they lack mobility, further more, a burst could be anywhere between a pop and a life-threatening explosion.

Spring-Piston Edit

Old faithful always wins out over the new shiny stuff, and when it comes to spring piston air guns, they cock and fire time and time again for decades. They beat PCP's in a lot of areas from price to mobility and simplicity. But they remain louder and break-barrelled with a single shot-only capablity. it's only a pull of the barrel and placing of the pellet, but that just defeats the fun.

What wins my heart? Edit

Personally I like semi automatic air guns that don't have an ugly tank protruding from the stock or chamber, and I LOVE the survivability of spring air guns, that is what you'd want in a survival situation, especially since the .177 pellets break the sound barrier. But since Tokyo Marui introduced the Gindan semi-auto springer, I've been thinking about building one for my own backyard fun. But of course, a high pressure, high-caliber PCP air pistol with a suppressor on in is also attractive...